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Mystery Plant Box - Sm

Elevate your aquascape with the Fishiotherapy Plant Mystery Box, where the excitement of surprise meets the beauty of nature! Valued at a minimum of $40, each Small Mystery Box contains a carefully curated selection of at least 2 vibrant plants from our collection. From the lush foliage of anubias to the graceful charm of crypts, the captivating allure of buce, and the elegant touch of moss, our assortment offers variety and vitality.

Handpicked from our current inventory, each plant is selected for its health and quality, ensuring that your underwater world receives nothing but the best. Perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and beginners alike, our mystery box adds a delightful element of surprise to your aquascape endeavors.

Indulge your passion for aquatic gardening and treat yourself to the Fishiotherapy Plant Mystery Box. With a guaranteed minimum value of $40, you can enjoy premium plants delivered right to your doorstep, ready to enhance and enrich your aquatic oasis.

Choose from one of our 4 options:

  • Nano Plant Bundle - little plants perfect for your tiny oasis.
  • Assorted Plant Bundle - mixed a varying size plants
  • Beginner Bundle - Easy no fuss plants for those looking to start a planted tank
  • Surprise Me! - Love the element of surprise or just can't decide? Then this is your bundle.

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