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Mystery Snail Bundle

Discover the enchanting world of Mystery Snails with our exclusive Mystery Snail Bundle, designed to provide everything you need for a thriving and dynamic aquatic environment.

Included in this bundle is a delightful Mystery Snail, known for its charming demeanor and beneficial algae-eating habits. Watch as this fascinating creature glides gracefully through your tank, adding a unique touch to your underwater landscape.

To ensure optimal health and vitality, we've included a Cuttlebone, rich in essential minerals like calcium, which helps support shell growth and overall well-being. Additionally, the bundle features an Anubias Barteri plant, adding a touch of natural beauty to your aquarium while providing essential hiding places and grazing areas for your snail.

With our Mystery Snail Bundle, you'll enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a well-balanced aquatic ecosystem, all conveniently packaged in one comprehensive bundle. Elevate your aquascape and provide the perfect habitat for your new snail companion with ease and confidence.

Bundle Includes:

1 x Mystery Snail (Random Colour Selected)

1 x Cuttlebone

1 x Anubias Barteri

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