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Scarlet Badis (Dario Dario)

Nano fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants & aquarium supplies

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Pea puffer

Specializing in nano fish, from Pea Puffers, Ricefice, Rasboras, Scarlet Badis, bottom feeders and more...

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Blue Cherry Shrimp (neocardinia)

Amano Shrimp, neocardina shrimp, snails and crayfish

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Anubias nana plant

Create a lush aquascape with our selection of epiphyte, moss, floating plants and more...

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Black worms

Upgrade your fishes diet with black worms, daphnia grindal worms, and other live food cultures.

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Providing high quality nano fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants and aquarium product to aquarium enthusiasts across Canada since 2016. Focused on in-house breeding and cultivating as well as locally sourced livestock and products.

Lemon Blue Eye Bristlenose Pleco

Fishiotherapy has a strong focus on nano aquariums (meaning small inhabitants not necessarily a small aquarium) and naturally planted tanks. All of the species we carry are bred locally, and the species I breed personally will be indicated in their descriptions. Take a look around, whether you're looking for interesting micro fish, colourful neocaradina shrimp or unusual aquatic plants to complete your aquascape, Fishiotherapy carries both the nano aquarists go-to items and rare and unique livestock and aquarium supplies. I hope you enjoy and check back frequently as new items and livestock are continually added.

dwarf aquarium lily

Bundles and Starter Packs

Not sure what you need to get started or can't decide what to pick? By choose one of our bundles or starter packs, we will curate a selection of top quality product and eliminate any confusion or indecision while saving you money.

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Check out our Botanicals

Check out our Botanicals

Botanicals have many benefits for your aquatic companions. We carry a large assortment of pods, leaves, cones and more.

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5 Star Google Reviews

Simply the best place for shrimp and really, really healthy plants, inverts, and fish. The selection is excellent and the owner is incredibly pleasant and knowledgeable about all things freshwater...

Can't wait to return!

Steve Giampa

Brittany is very friendly and has an awesome collection of fish, snails and plants. Highly recommended. I picked up a couple pagoda and chopstick snails.

Simba Kapeta

Best place to buy aquarium plants.
Thinking of starting a beautiful planted aquarium, this is the place to get everything from A-Z and all of the knowledge to be successful.

Fishiotherapy also grow live food for your fish, you couldn't get any food fresher then this.

Ben African Cichlids

Fantastic selection of shrimp and plants! I got some shrimp here and they're thriving. Highly recommended!

Tim Lahn

Really great value, plants and animals are always healthy and in great shape. Prices are so much better then big box counterparts. If you need anything for the fish keep hobby this should be your FIRST stop.

John Yon

Bought some plants, shrimp, fish and snails. All came in great shape, great prices. Friendly and quick service. Will definately be ordering again in future, so much better then big box stores.

Nurse Nick