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Grindal Worms

Grindal Worms are small (10mm) white worms that we grow in order to help feed our nano fish and fry. They also stimulate fish breeding, and are a healthy choice of live food. 

The Grindal worms come in a small styrofoam container with an organic soil mixture. All you have to do is make sure the soil is moist (no excess water), feed them, and keep the container safe at room temperature. 

We don't advise purchasing Grindal worms for medium sized fish or bigger, due to the small size of the worms. 

Care Info:

  • Ideal Temperature -  70° - 75° F (21° - 23° C) 
  • pH -
  • KH - 
  • Tank Size - small styrofoam container
  • Average Adult Size - 10mm
  • Average Purchase Size - 
  • Locally bred specimens
  • Origin - All around the world

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