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White Hercules Snails (Brotia Herculea)

The White Hercules snail (Brotia Herculea) is an enchanting rarity in aquariums, famed for its robustness and adaptability to diverse water conditions. This species, reaching up to 4 inches in length, adds a touch of elegance to aquatic displays with its gentle disposition and striking appearance. Despite their impressive size, these snails are live-bearing and reproduce only 2-3 times a year, reducing the risk of overpopulation in tanks.

While they make charming companions for fish and invertebrates, White Hercules snails may indulge in plants if not adequately fed, underscoring the importance of balanced nutrition. It's advisable to provide a minimum tank capacity of 10 gallons per snail, with larger tanks preferred for optimal comfort. These snails prefer fine sand substrates enriched with crushed coral or aragonite for shell maintenance. They thrive in moderate to hard water conditions, with regulated temperatures essential for their accelerated growth. Despite their name, their creamy coloration is the result of polishing for aesthetic appeal, while their offspring display natural hues.
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