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Tank Tea - Aquarium Botanical Variety Pack

Botanicals for bettas, apistos, shrimp keepers and blackwater tank habitats. These natural plant products release lots of tannins and humid acids, highly beneficial for many types of fish, shrimp and other invertebrates. 

Some Benefits of Adding Botanicals to you tank:

  • softens water*
  • improves fish immune system
  • makes hiding places and breeds spots
  • creates biofilm for your aquatic friends to graze on

* always research the optimal water conditions for your tank inhabitants. Maintaining the proper water properties is important to the welfare of aquatic creatures.


Boil/Steep for 3-5+ minutes in dechlorinated water. Wait until cooled to room temperature and add to ecosystem and enjoy!

Pouring botanicals with cooled steeped water will immediately add beneficial tannins and create "tea coloured" water.

For a slower and lighted tinted water add botanicals with out steeped water. Even after steeping botanicals will still release tannins and tint water colour. This tinting will gradually clear until new botanicals are added.

Package Contains:

  • Lotus Pod sm
  • Casuarina Cones x 8
  • Kuchila Pod
  • Began Pod
  • Gumball Pod
  • Speciosa Pod x 3
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