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Redtail Splitfin (Xenotoca Eiseni)

Redtail Splitfin (Xenotoca Eiseni) is in the Goodeid/Goodeidae family, native to Mexico they are found in a wide range of habitats from polluted ditches to clear mountain streams. Densely planted aquarium allows them to display their best natural behaviour.  

Males grow to 2.5" while females are a little bigger, approximately 3" and because of their larger size a minimum 20 gallons is recommended, larger is highly recommended to support fry growing out. Being a livebearer, you can expect babies monthly when females are mature if you are not purchasing exclusively males. the number of fry you can expect from a female varies greatly.

Not the best community tank fish, they can be unpredictable with others and possibly fin nip slow fish. These fish are very social and do best when in a group minimum size 6-8 - we recommend a species only dedicated tank for these fish if you want to keep them. 

Care Info:

  • Ideal Temperature - 59° - 86° F (15° - 30° C)
  • pH - 6 - 8 
  • KH - 10 - 20 dGH
  • Tank Size - minimum 20+ gallons for a group 
  • Omnivore/Micropredator is not a picky eater, will opportunistically eat shrimplets and may eat its fry- appreciates frozen and live foods. Variety in a fishes diet is ideal. 
  • Difficulty - easy

Average Adult Size: 2.5-3" inches (6.3-7.5 cm)

Average Purchase: Selection indicated 

*This species is bred on location* Tank bred specimens for sale, NOT imported.

Origin/Location: Mexico

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