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Premium Botanicals Assorted Variety Pack - 28 grams

Introduce a natural touch to your aquatic pets with Premium Botanicals Assorted Variety Pack. Packed with tannins and humic acids, this 28 gram pack is perfect for bettas, apistos, and shrimp keepers. Your aquatic friends will thrive in a blackwater tank habitat, thanks to the benefits of these botanicals.

Some Benefits of Adding Botanicals to you tank:

  • softens water*
  • improves fish immune system
  • makes hiding places and breeds spots
  • creates biofilm for your aquatic friends to graze on

* always research the optimal water conditions for your tank inhabitants. Maintaining the proper water properties is important to the welfare of aquatic creatures.


Boil/Steep for 3-5+ minutes in dechlorinated water. Wait until cooled to room temperature and add to ecosystem and enjoy!

May Include:

  • Alder cones
  • Birch cones
  • Casuarina Cones
  • Kachna tree pods
  • twisty pods
  • Star pods
  • other aquarium botanicals


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