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Porcellionides priunosus “White Out” Isopods

Porcellionides priunosus, also known as "White Out" Isopods, are captivating additions to any terrarium or bioactive enclosure. With their striking white coloration, they bring a unique and mesmerizing aesthetic to your habitat. These isopods are known for their hardy nature and adaptability, thriving in a variety of terrarium conditions. Whether in moist woodland setups or tropical enclosures, they excel in environments with moderate humidity levels and plenty of hiding spots. Their white hue adds a touch of elegance to the substrate, creating a visually stunning contrast against greenery and decor. As efficient cleaners, they play a vital role in maintaining a healthy terrarium ecosystem by consuming decaying organic matter and waste. With their resilience and captivating appearance, Porcellionides priunosus “White Out” Isopods are sure to become cherished inhabitants of your terrarium community.

10+ isopods 

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