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Emerald Dwarf Danio/Rasbora (Danio erythromicron)

Emerald Dwarf Danio/Rasbora (Danio erythromicron) is an adorable little nano fish, with unique blue/green vertical striping and a fake eyespot on their anal fin. Cousins of the CPD they behave similarly, and can hybridize so it's not recommended to keep them together if you intend on breeding them. They grow to about 1" (2.5cm), making them an ideal nano fish. 

Although a little shy at times, these fish are beautiful and easy to care for. They do prefer a calm environment, dense plant growth is best to bring out their confidence and personalities. 

They are omnivores and enjoy a variety of fish foods and love our live food selection, so make sure to have plenty of hiding spots for shrimplets because they may eat them if they get hungry enough.  

Since these are social fish, we recommend keeping a minimum 6 together. 

Care Info:

  • Ideal Temperature - 69° - 77° F (21° - 25° C) 
  • pH - 7 - 8
  • KH - 2.0 - 18 dKH 
  • Tank Size - minimum 10 gallons.
  • Average Adult Size - 1” (2.5cm)
  • Average Purchase Size - 0.5” - 1” (1.2cm - 2.5cm) 
  • Difficulty - easy

Origin/Location: Inle Lake in Myanmar

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