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Porcellio laevis "Orange" - Isopods

The vibrant and eye-catching Porcellio laevis "Orange" Isopods are delightful creatures that are sure to add a burst of colour and charm to your terrarium or bioactive setup. With their striking orange hue, they stand out amidst the substrate, bringing a lively energy to any habitat.

Porcellio laevis "Orange" Isopods exhibit a hardy nature and adapt well to a variety of terrarium conditions. Thriving in environments with moderate humidity levels and ample hiding spots, they prove to be versatile inhabitants suitable for various setups.

Isopods play an important role in maintaining a healthy terrarium ecosystem, as they feed on decaying organic matter and help to break down waste. Their efficient cleaning habits contribute to the overall cleanliness and balance of the habitat, making them valuable members of your terrarium community.

In addition to their practical benefits, Porcellio laevis "Orange" Isopods are also fascinating to observe. As they scuttle about the terrarium, their vibrant coloration adds visual interest and excitement to the environment.

10+ isopods 

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