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Planted Shrimp Bundle

Introducing the ultimate Planted Shrimp Bundle, meticulously curated to elevate your aquatic paradise to new heights of beauty and vitality. With this comprehensive package, creating a thriving ecosystem for your shrimp has never been easier.

Delight in the vibrant colors and playful antics of 10 Cherry Shrimp, adding a lively touch to your underwater landscape. Enhance their habitat with the lush greenery of 1 Subwassertang, providing ample hiding spots and grazing areas for your shrimp to thrive.

Elevate your aquascape with the elegant charm of 1 Anubias Nana meticulously nestled on a stone, adding a touch of sophistication to your tank. Complementing this centerpiece are 3 Cryptocoryne Parva plants, offering a verdant carpet that enhances both aesthetics and water quality.

To ensure the well-being of your shrimp community, we've included 1 package of Snowflake food, formulated to meet their nutritional needs and promote healthy growth and reproduction.

Experience the joy of a vibrant and thriving aquarium with our Planted Shrimp Bundle. Elevate your aquascaping endeavors and create a stunning underwater masterpiece that both you and your shrimp will adore.

Each Bundle will include:

10 x Cherry Shrimp

1 x Subwassertang

1 x Anubias Nana on Stone

3 x Cryptocoryne Parva

1 x Snowflake food

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