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Dwarf Lily Bulb (Nymphaea Stellata)

The Dwarf Water Lily is an easy aqua plant to grow. This is a beautiful bulb plant and sometimes harder to come by. The bulb can produce several plants that can be detached once they have roots or left alone to grow surrounding the bulb. 

*tip to keep growth compact - trim all the leaves/pads that reach the surface of the water. This will cause new leaves the plant develops to open below the surface and create the bushy effect. if you allow the pads to surface and remain there, the plant "discovers the waterline" and will send all new pads all the way to the top, blocking light to anything growing below. Keep your pads trimmed low to keep it looking its best! Don't worry about removing a bunch of pads, your plant doesn't mind. 

Care info:

  • Ideal Temperature - 72° - 82° F (22° - 28° C)
  • Light - low - high
  • pH - 6 - 8 
  • KH - 3 - 18
  • Range - 4.7” - 8” (12cm - 20cm) * Depends on lighting and the height of your tank
  • Propagation - Flowers (Need to be pollinated for the seeds to reproduce)
  • Origin - India
  • Difficulty - easy

Portion size - 1 bulb

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