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Daphnia Magna/Common Water Fleas (Daphnia Magna)

Daphnia are small planktonic crustaceans that grow between 0-5 millimeters. They are highly adaptable and easy to culture if their minimal needs are met. Daphnia prefer green water essentially, and can be kept in a 5-10g home, without predators.

They are very cute live food in the aquarium, swimming through the water using their antennae to flutter around. They like to eat yeast, which is easy to activate with water. Also, feeding Spirulina is beneficial to them, and turns the water green. You know when they ate all the Spirulina, because the green water will clear up. Daphnia like to eat microalgae, hence why they prefer green water. 

Care Info:

  • Ideal Temperature - 64° - 72° F (18° - 22° C) ~ 70’s range is ideal, heater not required.
  • pH - 6.5 - 8.0
  • KH - 3.0 - 18 dKH
  • Tank Size - minimum 5 gallons.
  • Average Adult Size: 5mm (Females), 2mm (Males)
  • Average Purchase Size: 
  • Locally bred specimens
  • Origin - Northern Hemisphere, South Africa

Portion Size - 100+

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