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Brazos Dwarf Crayfish (Cambarellus Texanus)


Brazos dwarf crayfish are fantastic nano crayfish, this crayfish has a neutral colour, beige, brown, grey tones. Their colour can change as they moult and grow depending on environmental factors. They are hardy, small and easily kept in tanks as little as 5 gallons. Growing up to 1.6” they are one of the smallest crayfish. 

These crayfish have very outgoing, spunky personalities and will spend their days scavenging and exploring their environment. Care needs to be taken to have a lid, escape is rare but it can happen. Although typically not aggressive to other species, it’s possible they can predate on dwarf shrimp or very slow moving fish in their vicinity. They are opportunistic scavengers, and if housed with fish caution should be taken. 

A planted tank or well thought out hardscape/blackwater tank with plenty of hides is best for these crayfish. They do like to have the safety of caves and tunnels, like all crayfish but will readily come out and explore if there are no threatening fish. 

Care Info:

  • Ideal Temperature - 60° - 82° F (16° - 28° C) ~ cooler end of the spectrum is best. 
  • pH - 6.0 - 7.0
  • KH - 3 - 15dKH
  • Tank Size - minimum 5 gallons.
  • Average Adult Size: 1.2" - 1.6" (2.5-4cm)
  • Average Purchase Size: 0.5" - 1.0" (1.3-2.5 cm)
  • Bred in house
  • Origin - indigenous to Texas, USA. 
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