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Let’s talk; Why are people so obsessed with aquariums?

Let’s talk; Why are people so obsessed with aquariums?


Welcome to the enchanting world of natural aquariums. If you haven't already discovered the magic of nano life, I implore you to slow down. Take a closer look, you may just find something new to love. Each nano aquarium is a unique world where tiny aquatic scenes burst with life, colour, and endless fascination. If you've ever dreamt about having an underwater utopia, but were intimidated by the sheer size and maintenance of large aquariums, then nano aquariums may be perfect for you. 

Nano aquariums, do not necessarily mean that the aquarium is small, but that the scale of life within is small, so the fish and other life inside is “nano”. Normally a beginner aquarium is 30 gallons or less (I recommend no smaller than 5 gallons for a beginner). This size is perfect to create a lively world filled with exquisite aquatic plants, adorable fish, and captivating invertebrates. 


The tiny aquatic citizens of your nano world can be as diverse as your imagination allows. From the sparkling Galaxy Rasbora that resembles a teeny tiny trout, to the Neon Tetra with its electric blue and red, these active, playful nano fish will fill your aquarium with an allure that is equally exciting as it is relaxing to watch. Don’t forget about the little cleaners, like the Cherry Shrimp, who not only add to the aesthetic but also help maintain the cleanliness of your mini ecosystem.


Natural aquariums, often called “aquascapes” utilize plants and natural hardscape (rocks and wood) as the main focus, the fish and nano life inside should be chosen mindfully to accent/compliment to the “scape”. Choosing the right plants for your vision can be confusing and stressful. If you have never kept a natural aquarium before, choose easy plants to start. Once you build confidence with successfully keeping easy plants alive you can always add, replace or totally switch-up along the way. A natural aquarium is an aquatic garden in a sense, so things are always growing and finding new balance. Healthy plants will oxygenate the water, absorb harmful nitrates, and provide shelter for your aquatic inhabitants. 


Remember, it's not just about the visual beauty. Your aquarium is a living, breathing world that you've created and care for. Some might imagine aquarium upkeep as a daunting task, but let's burst that bubble. With natural aquariums, and a low bioload (not overloaded with fish) your maintenance routine can be as simple as feeding your fish, checking the water parameters, and doing small partial water changes every 2-4 weeks. You'll enjoy every second of it while watching your little underwater utopia thrive.


Sure, nano aquarium keeping may seem like a microscopic venture, but the joy and satisfaction it brings are immeasurable. It's a journey filled with learning, creativity, and fun. From deciding the theme of your tank, choosing your aquatic inhabitants, to watching them thrive in their mini world, every step is a delightful adventure. With a nano aquarium, you're not just an aquarium owner, you're a creator of worlds.

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